• Cote Blanche Salt Mine, 50ft Drop

  • Cote Blanche Salt Mine, Curtain

  • Cote Blanche Salt Mine, Safe Haven

  • Lake Peigneur, Gold-Toned Salted Paper Print ed. 100, 9x12in The salted paper process was invented by William Henry Fox Talbot in 1833 while on his honeymoon in Lake Como. I used this antiquated process to create a fittingly romantic image of Lake Peigneur in Iberia Parish, Louisiana. Despite the lake’s pastoral appearance, it was the site of a disastrous drilling accident in 1980, triggering a violent maelstrom that permanently altered the lake’s ecosystem and transformed it from freshwater to saltwater. I printed the photograph in quadrants, a reference to the site’s own fractured history, as well as to Profondeurs de la terre ou paysage, a 1930 work by René Magritte.

    Print available for purchase here.